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Self esteem and photography

could portrait photography help people with their self esteem?

A few months ago I photographed two women. I was trying out a new lighting set up and asked them if they'd like to pose for me, so I could practice and improve my skills. They both said yes.

I knew they were kindly doing me a favour, and that they didn't really need photos for anything. It was just a nice thing to do.

The shoots went well, we had some laughs, I fumbled a bit with lights and setting things up, we chatted about life and weather and everything in between. There was no pressure, no fancy studio, just us trying new things and having fun with it.

Afterwards I packed my things and left, hopeful that I've gotten some decent photos.

Fast forward about a week, my photos were edited and a small selection ready to send off. These were just very simple business style pictures, yet I was nervous. What if they won't like them?

It's safe to say that their response was not at all what I expected.

They thanked me for the experience. They said they saw themselves as beautiful, strong women for the first time in years. They said the photos gave them a great confidence boost and helped them get through some life changes they were dealing with. They were amazed to see themselves the way their husbands and families have been seeing them all this time, acknowledge their own beauty and celebrate their bodies, age and all that comes with it. They proudly shared their photos with their families and friends, then thanked me again for giving them something so special.

All that from a few "simple business photos".

You might not think that you need to have photos of yourself. Maybe you even think it's vain to want to be photographed.

But it's not just about the photos.

Let me give you a moment to celebrate who you are and reflect on how far you've come. Let the negative self talk or busy day to day life take a break. Enjoy seeing yourself in photos once again, no matter what.

I invite you to be photographed.



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