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5 Signs I am not the right photographer for you

While I could write a lengthy post listing out reasons why you should work with me... Because, let's be honest, you should.... :-)

I decided instead to make a list of reasons why I might not be the best choice for your specific needs!

This is not to discourage you from using my services, but rather to help you make an informed decision and manage your expectations.

I am not your photographer if...

1. You would like photos of your latest architectural project or a wedding

Most photography genres require a different set of skills and equipment, so it's best to pick someone with experience in the genre you want. I specialise in portraiture and sports (mainly equestrian), and enjoy nature and wildlife photography when time permits.

2. You're looking for the cheapest deal out there

Prices do vary greatly between different photographers. People choose to work with me because of the quality of my work and service, but I understand that not everyone is able to afford it. When looking for photographers, do consider their portfolio and reviews and don't shop only on price.

3. You're not prepared to do any work yourself

Isn't that what I'm paying you for, I hear you ask?

I always want to deliver the best product I can, but you need to help! If I ask you to prepare in certain way or to follow my direction, I do this with your best interest in mind. I'll happily explain my methods and reasoning, but ignoring my suggestions all together will make your session a lot more difficult.

Not everything can be "photoshopped".

4. You want me to imitate or copy other photographer's work

Everyone has their own style and way of photographing. Try and find a photographer who's style you're most attracted to, and give them your business. If you ask someone else to replicate that style, there is a chance the end result won't live up to your expectations. While I love trying new methods and getting out of my comfort zone, my photos will still, most likely, look like my photos!

5. You don't want to work with me

It's that simple. If we met and you don't think we are a good fit, that's totally OK. I'll be happy to recommend someone more suitable. No hard feelings!


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