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Photo shoot with Ben Atkinson

Earlier this spring I had a great pleasure and honour of photographing Ben Atkinson and his horses.

If you've never heard of Ben, he trains horses for movies, shows and performances. Many of his horses are performing at liberty (without the use of tack or restraints) and are trained to display different movements, individually or in groups. His work is exceptional and recognised worldwide, so you can see why I was quite excited for the shoot!

I arrived in company of two lovely ladies from Harry Hall, who were going to interview Ben and capture on paper what couldn't be captured in photos.

The aim was to see Ben at work, observe his daily training outside of the movie set and spotlights.

And let's just say, spotlights were not necessary as what he has shown us was breath-taking either way!

From roman riding (standing on the horse's backs) to advanced dressage movements and elements of the Spanish riding school, to the amazing understanding between man and his horses - we saw it all, and my only hope was to be able to convey it all in my photos!

Enjoy the gallery and if you're interested in Ben's liberty training (or just want to look at pictures of his horses) you should follow him on social media. Click here to find him on Facebook

You can also read about his work and see my photos in the Harry Hall One Club magazine - available to purchase here.


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