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Enjoying the little things

It's been a busy year.

Having made the transition to full time photography last autumn, I don't think I expected to be traveling all over the country, meeting wonderful clients, photographers, animals, and even being shortlisted in the British Photography Awards! So yes, it's been busy, and exciting, and educational, and tiring at times.

Turns out being a freelance photographer is a very involved position, where taking photos is only a fraction of the work required. I am grateful to my partner, friends and clients who have supported me so far and have been instrumental in helping me stay on track.

I am slowly becoming used to saying that "I'm a professional photographer" without feeling like a complete imposter. Let's hope it stays that way!

The side effect of doing photography as a job is that sometimes I've not had time (or energy) to just go out and create for the fun of it. I love working with my clients and photographing events, but going for a quiet walk with my camera is my way to unwind, almost meditate, and really just enjoy the moment. It's all about the simple things, as cliché as it may sound, and bringing calmness to otherwise somewhat chaotic lifestyle.

Lately I've had a bit more time for myself, and I enjoyed photographing the small stuff - flowers, leaves, focusing on textures and miniscule details. You would have seen many of these images on my social media, and I hope they bring you a similar sense of peace, but at the same time curiosity to explore the intricacies of the world around us.

Next time you are outside, walking to work or doing shopping, try to focus on those small details you would have passed regularly without giving them any notice. Who knows what sort of wonders you might discover.

Enjoy the little things.

Gallery below includes recent and not-so-recent photos from my walks, focusing on things that are small or easy to miss.


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