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Value of photography

What is the value of photography?

When talking about value, people often think about price, the cost of goods. Although this might be accurate in some cases, many goods and services have a higher value than just the amount we pay for. Let's say you go away on holiday - sure, you have to pay for your travel, accommodation etc, but the true value lies in the experience itself: having the time to rest, seeing new places, meeting people or tasting a new dish for the first time. We remember the way it made us feel, the emotions which will stay in our memories forever. It is truly the non material, emotional value that makes it a wonderful trip.

If someone asks me: "how was your trip to New Zealand?" I respond with: "it was amazing, the landscapes and wildlife there are incredible, and people were so kind, I had a great adventure". I would never reply with: "it was good, the hotels cost £xxx, and the flights were £xxx", because - to be honest - I no longer remember the cost of the trip, just the way it made me feel!

Coming back to photography - as an art form it is supposed to make us feel something. Looking at photos of ourselves should make us proud of how far we've come, remind us the obstacles we had to overcome, feel love for ourselves and our family, celebrate our business, or the life we have and the way we navigate its ups and downs. Photographs create an insight into who we are, they are a lasting testimony of our lives. They won't wear down or get thrown away - they will outlive us, and become someone else's treasured memory.

So here it is, the true value of photography. Not a number on the price tag, but a great personal investment and a legacy we leave behind. I truly believe we all deserve to have beautiful photographs of ourselves to enjoy and look back on in the future.

A mother and son during their family photo shoot.


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